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Welcome to Booking Agency

Hello Mr Homeowner.

Here we create hotel and villa booking sales.
Do you want to increase the number of guests in your hotel, set up automatic sales on different booking sites and have an Instagram with inspiring photos?

Do you want guests to know and like your hotel?
We are opening a big sale of bookings in your hotel
Meet guests!!!

we sell-you welcome guests

Introducing PalmTreep: The premier web service for property rental.

1. Expertise in property optimization:
At PalmTreep, we take pride in being your reliable partner for hotel rooms and private villa reservations. Our primary focus is optimizing your property's bookings to stand out among competitors. We pay special attention to three factors that influence guests' booking decisions: high-quality photos, flexible rates, and informative and impressive descriptions. We guarantee that your listings will become bestsellers on booking websites.

2. Optimized booking software:
As a Channel Manager, we seamlessly work with various booking channels, minimizing overbookings and ensuring a smooth operation. Our comprehensive range of services maximizes your bookings by leveraging the power of social media, collaborating with influential bloggers, and listing on high-performing platforms.

3. Quality photo and video services:
To showcase your hotel or private villa in the most appealing way, our team of certified Airbnb photographers captures high-quality images that highlight its unique features and charm. These professional photos enhance the attractiveness of your listing, attracting more interested guests.

4. Custom corporate websites:
PalmTreep goes beyond simple accommodation bookings. We also specialize in developing corporate websites specifically for hotels and private villas. This feature allows you to offer guests better prices and a more flexible loyalty policy, enhancing your competitiveness in the market.

5. Comprehensive financial management:
At PalmTreep, we take care of all guest payments and provide you with comprehensive financial information about your hotel or private villa reservations. This approach ensures transparency and simplifies management, giving you peace of mind. Our goal is to maximize your bookings by leveraging social media opportunities, collaborating with influential bloggers, and advertising on highly effective platforms.

Choose PalmTreep and entrust us with your hotel or private villa bookings, so you can focus on delivering exceptional experiences for your guests.


Our Happy Partners

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