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Zen Gateway

We greet you! Our real estate agency is proud to offer you the services of photographing your property and listing it on booking sites. We have already filmed at the Zen Gateway bungalow, located on the edge of a canyon, where a mountain river bends below. The main value of this place is the breathtaking view that opens from its open rooms. The concept of this place can be traced in every detail of the architecture and the choice of building materials - no matter what the house is built from, the main thing is the view that opens from it. This house has only one wall at the back, the rest of the walls are missing, and the load-bearing elements are columns and beams.

The interior here is secondary - the main impression that guests receive in this space. Our team of photographers and models tried to convey this idea in this photo shoot. We are ready to offer you high-quality photography of your property to show it in the best possible light on booking sites. Contact us to order services or get more information.

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